Affordable Housing Lagging Behind Building Developments In Sydney

Researchers said that not even 1 per cent of Sydney’s apartments as well as houses in the last eight years are considered to be affordable options suitable for individuals and families between the low and medium income range. Situation researchers saw this as a missed opportunity in the large scale. With the number of buildings being built, window cleaning in Sydney is high in demand. The same good fortune cannot be said for those who cannot afford these housing options.

Sydney is not the only city in the world with expensive housing but its difference from San Francisco and London is that there are no counter measures being adopted. Even in Adelaide where the housing pressure is not as high, there are measures in place.

Nicole Gurran, the lead researcher from University of Sydney who is spearheading study funded by the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute, said that the city was under the illusion that if they create more houses then the price will just decrease eventually in order to bridge the deposit gap which is a problem to many first time home buyers with moderate income.

He added that this is not what is happening therefore something should be done wherein the planning system should be involved.

The study being conducted by Professor Gurran along with her colleagues tried to analyze the different housing offered by the state and the affordable housing from the council in NSW.

The Department of Planning and Environment of NSW did not have any comprehensive figures recorded therefore the author turned to the planning applications for reference.

From there they found out that around 1300 units were built by the affordable housing programs in Sydney from 2005 until 2016. The number rises to 2000 if they were to include the boarding houses.

This number is not even 1 per cent of the total number of dwellings that were developed within Sydney.

While there is more opportunity for companies offering window cleaning in Sydney, affordable housing is still lacking in the city and it should be something the government should tackle.

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