Abu Dhabi Adopting Colour-Coded Trash Bins For Ensure Waste Segregation From Residents

Huge dumpsters will be replaced by trash bins for segregated waste in order to make sure that the goal of minimizing landfill by 85% is reached in Abu Dhabi.

Colour-codes trash bins

The Abu Dhabi waste management company Tadweer mentioned that it will initiate green bins used for recyclable materials and black tins used for general waste in every residential building found in the city.

It is also going to send out different bin lorries that will pick up the waste. Before, the trash was separated at plant sites.

A spokesman from the centre mentioned that greater than 19,000 trash containers were already replaced with green waste bins.

The recyclable materials and general waste are going to be gathered and transported differently, and there are going to be dedicated collection vehicles for every type of waste, as stated by the spokesman.

The Tadweer spokesman mentioned that there will be collections for the green bins three times per week, while black bins are going to be emptied each day.

Recycling in residential buildings

The residents of the apartment blocks mentioned that they wanted to recycle waste, but the buildings don’t have the corresponding facilities that can cope with the segregated waste.

Resident Uthman Sheikh of Al Zahiyah mentioned that the old buildings only have a single waste bin, and the residents throw everything in it.

He added that the cleaners empty the waste from a single container, even if it is recyclable or not.

He expressed the need for newer buildings to have two different waste bins so that the job becomes easier for all people.

Waste produced in Abu Dhabi

The latest figures from 2013 indicated that Abu Dhabi produced about 12 million tons of waste.

In its 2040 master plan, the centre is planning to lessen waste levels in the next 25 years.

There are many recycling plants operating in Abu Dhabi, including those that deal with plastics, construction waste, animal waste and tyres.

The constructions plants turn waste to 4 separate gravel types.

The recycling plants for animal waste collect dead animals coming from 11,000 farms, processing 5,000 animals each day.

The tyre recycling plants process 120 tons of tyres each day making use of tyre shredders.

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