A Supercharged Sea Monster To Be Launched In Patong, Thailand

Patong is a town in Phuket that is immensely popular to tourists because of its nightlife, and shopping venues. In order to address the accommodation needs of a growing number of tourists, numerous hotels have been built along the beach.

Holidaymakers who frequently go to Phuket will be amazed when they see a supercharged sea monster from Gore on the popular beach destination. Dwayne Terry, a Southland entrepreneur and Keelow Crafts Boat owner has been reported last Saturday that is on his way to the tropical resort to launch a new jet boat venture called the Dragon Jet Thailand. According to Terry, this new business venture that was planned 5 months ago was inspired by last year’s family holiday in Thailand.

Terry has been working in China to help in setting up a new factory for Keelow Craft Boat. He wanted to experience the feeling of working and living abroad. When Terry took his family to spend a holiday in Thailand, he found out that there were no jet boat operators on the island. He believed that he found a good business opportunity which he should not miss.

Dragon Jet Thailand will initially operate as a single commercial Keelow Craft Boat at Patong Beach during the peak of the tourist season. During off season and when the seas in Patong start to get rough, Keelow Craft Boat will relocate to the Royal Phuket Marina.

An 18-seaterKeelow Craft Boat has a 750-hp, twin-Corvette engine and a twin Hamilton 212 jet units that could reach top speeds of 90kph when doing 360 degree turns. This is an example of the jet boats that are being used in New Zealand when they take a short thrill ride on the ocean.

Terry believes that doing business in Thailand is pretty straightforward and that the island country is rather protective of its tourism industry.

The best of Thailand can be experienced through a 4 star resort in Patong that offers terrific cuisine, excellent services and private rooms where you can enjoy the beauty of Patong’s coastline. There is ample space for relaxation but if you are quite adventurous, you can explore the generous swimming areas.

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