A New Reason For Rehab

Rehab has once been associated with addiction to a substance mostly either drugs or alcohol. Nowadays, however, other forms of addiction can be seen not just because of these common reasons. One example would be the case of a young 23-year-old man from Singapore who went into rehab to treat his online gaming problem. He spent all of his time in from of his computer, spending all his time in the virtual world that he no longer socialized with people and he almost never slept. This made him even drop and stop his education twice when he was in the university.

Given the effect of this problem, his mother decided to check him into a luxury rehab, The Edge. This luxury rehab facility is designed for men with the problem of addiction and is located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. They use sports as part of the approaches that they have for treatment. As it is a luxury rehab, the cost of being in the program is quite expensive which is around $14,000 per month. Despite the price, The Edge still has seen a growing number of addicts joining their programs and they do not just come from Thailand but from other countries as well.

Similar to The Edge, Solace Sabah, also a luxury rehab in Malaysia, receives patients from other countries. Patients from Singapore are noted and this is because the reason for the addiction is not of a substance but rather of gaming addiction too. According to the director of Solace Sabah, 2015 started the trend of gaming addiction rehab and usually, the patients are aged 18 to 25. The cost is not even an issue anymore since Solace Sabah’s charge is between 9,500 SGD and 15,000 SGD for a program with a duration of 28 days.

Addiction is believed to be a complex brain disease. It is usually associated with drugs and alcohol, however, gaming addiction or internet addiction is starting to get rampant. It is still an under-recognized addiction though but at least people start to realize that this also exists and steps can already be made to avoid the problem altogether. If it has already happened there are steps that are identified to help the patient recover.

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