A Fairytale In India

Newlywed couples are now changing the concept of the traditional honeymoon phase. Many couples are more determined to come back felling healthier, physically fit as well as spiritually fulfilled. Healthy honeymooning is now the latest trend. It is all about the couple entering a phase where they will do motivational yoga sessions while the tropical jungle is around them, receiving intimate massage as well as Turkish hammam. During the honeymoon phase, they will consume gluten free dishes and drink exotic variations of green tea.

According to Ebrahim Chiniwala who is a businessman, he went with his new wife into a wellness retreat for their honeymoon. They travelled to a health retreat located near the Mulshi Lake. Their honeymoon started with a specific program catered daily for them, assisted by a health advisor. The newlyweds made a connection over salsa and danced to Bollywood music. They also indulged in circuit training and sessions where they learned all about healthy cooking. He admitted that after their four day program is over, they went back to their normal life with more energy and they have also discovered a lot about one another.

Indian weddings are known to be big and extravagant. It is also inevitable to consume food loaded with fat, leaving one feeling bloated after the ceremony. This is why a wellness honeymoon is important. You may be able to go to a luxury hotel spa and eat appealing food menu but it will be loaded with unhealthy ingredients such as table salt, sugar and maida, among many others. According to Sandeep Biswas, ac chef, couples are booking health retreat in order to relax but they are not willing to be under a strict diet or they are not happy to have limited food options. The key is to make spa food that are fresh, organic and with low calories.

According to a vice president of a big hotel chain, Bob Jacobs, many couples are marrying late and majority of them have been together for quite a while. The honeymoon is the perfect chance to relax and detox.

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