4 Major Skills Needed When Working In Sports Bar Patong

Just like in any other jobs, working in a sports bar in Patong requires certain qualifications that will give you a competitive edge among other applicants. After you are hired, you should continue showing your capabilities and positive attitude to maintain your job and even obtain promotion. Here are some of the major skills that you should have to make it in the restaurant industry.

Social and communication skills

One of the important skills of a waitress is social skills. She should be able to interact with customers clearly and effectively in order to make the customer feel comfortable and welcome in the establishment. Friendly waitresses are highly appreciated by patrons and jokes every now and then are surely appreciated. However, do away with frequent checking on their tables as it may become annoying and intrusive.

Computer and handwriting skills

Sports bar in Patong can have numerous customers and patrons at one time so you need to be efficient in taking orders to ensure that you are accurate. Learn how to do shortcuts in taking down orders in your notepad and at the same time, you should be familiar with computers to accurately input entries for order and inventory purposes.


A waitress should be able to present herself in a professional manner to her customers. This means that she should be dressed properly or if the establishment has a prescribed uniform, it should be clean and neat at all times. Avoid wearing excessive jewellery and tattoos should not be visible as much as possible. Keep your hair kempt and facial hair properly controlled for an overall personable appearance. You should also be tactful in dealing with your customers. Avoid inappropriate jokes.


Managers of sports bar in Patong and customers alike want their waitress to be full of energy even under pressure. If you have personal issues, leave them outside the workplace in order to exude a positive and lively disposition. Working in a sports bar can be physically demanding so make sure that you have a strong stamina for you to keep working the entire shift.

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