Making The World Safer And More Secure Through The Iran Nuclear Deal

In his four and a half minute speech, President Barack Obama said: “We have before us a historic opportunity to pursue a safer, more secure world for our children. It may not come around again in our lifetime.” The President is referring to the Iran Nuclear Deal.

After extensive talks in Vienna, a 159-page agreement has been finalized between 6 world powers and Iran that closes Iran’s pathway to nuclear weapons; allows for an unprecedented 24/7 monitoring of key nuclear facilities; and provides international inspectors with access to Iran’s nuclear supply chain. Once Iran violates the deal, sanctions will immediately be in place.

However, before the deal can be implemented, it has to pass through Congress and Obama expects a lot of overheated and dishonest arguments in the weeks ahead. Last Saturday, during his weekly address Obama seized on the opportunity to seek support from voters. This is prior to the congressional vote on the deal and against the backdrop of a Republican-led opposition.

The deal is unlikely to be defeated in Congress but it is already expected that many Republicans will attempt to do so. Joe Boehner, the speaker of the House thinks that it is a bad deal and plans to do everything to stop the deal from pushing through. On the other hand, Bob Corker who is the Republican chair of the Senate foreign relations committee said that he will hold hearings so that everyone in Congress will understand what they are voting for.

Bob Corker has told reporters that those who believe that the deal is going to keep Iran from getting a nuclear weapon will vote for it. Those who think that the world will not be a safer place and the deal can pave a way for a nuclear weapon will surely vote against it.

Republican candidates for the presidential elections in 2016 say that the deal will be remembered as America’s worst diplomatic failure; however, Democratic frontrunner Hilary Clinton supports the deal to help prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. Obama does not shy away from criticism and believes in tough, honest and serious debates. He wants the whole world to see a leadership that welcomes scrutiny.

Paw Patrol Party Mascot Stolen

At the beginning of the month of February, there was a case of a missing mascot from Brisbane. The mascot is the character Marshall who is a fire dog which ironically needs a rescue.

It was Jacqueline Poumale who bought the costume of the Dalmatian dog who plays the role of a fire marshal and one of the popular characters in a TV program for kids called Paw Patrol. She bought the costume for the third birthday party of her daughter Aliza Manuel in May of last year.

The costume was not available in any stores, local or online, in Australia so Ms Poumale decided to buy it from an overseas supplier. The international order cost here $290 and the shipping fee.

She said that the character was really loved by her daughter and they had so much with it during the party so she decided to make it available for rent for other parents. One will only have to pay $60 in order to rent the Marshall costume.

The problem is that Marshall is currently missing and they fear that it might have been stolen because it was previously hired but the renter never returned the costume after that.

Ms. Poumale added that this incident is one of those weird things you hear about. She decided not to ask for additional information when people rent because it will be used for a children’s party and she have no inkling that someone would take something as simple as a costume.

She revealed that she gave special instructions to the women who rented and that the costume needs to be back by February 3 on 3 PM because there will be a boy who will be celebrating his seventh birthday party the next day.

Ms Poumale does not think the person who rented was suspicious. At 5 PM of February 3, she contacted the woman because the costume is not yet returned but the woman reasoned out that her car broke down and when she tried to call, she found out that her number was already blocked.

Investigations are now ongoing after she has filed a complaint to the police. This is a reminder to people that you should only hire reliable party hire in Sydney and wherever you might be.

Money-Saving Tips On Office Removals In Sydney

Some people think that hiring professionals for office removals in Sydney means spending more than they should. However, if you think about the convenience it would bring to you, you will then realise that no amount of money could compensate the peace of mind you get out of hiring removalists. If you just want to minimize the costs, there are ways for you to do that. Here’s how.

Request for several cost estimates

One of the best ways to reduce the costs is by asking for cost estimates from several service providers. Ask for free quotes from at least five removalist companies in your area and compare which of them offers more to you as a customer. Take note that the rates should not be your only consideration in picking a company. You should also check what customers are saying about their service. One thing about asking for cost estimates from different companies is that you get find out which of them responds to queries right away and an immediate response is a precursor for quality service. The general turn-around time for quotes is around 24 hours.

Hold a garage sale

When moving to a new office, you might be surprised at the things that need to be disposed or replaced. Moving to a new office location with all your old stuff can take up space and may not look good on your new office especially if you have upscale to a better office space. To reduce your costs on office removals in Sydney, sell your old equipment online or do a garage sale. The extra dollars would not only help your company, you can also cover the money on the removalist’s fee.

Book in advance

One of the easiest ways to reduce the costs for your transfer is to book in advance for the service. Hiring professionals for office removals in Sydney generally gives you an automatic discount because it is a guaranteed income for the company and you won’t have to worry about not having a service on the day that you need it. Book ahead and try to negotiate with the rates to see if you can further lower it down.

Water Losses Escalate Due To The Issues On Plumber Hiring

The Nelson Mandela Bay municipality is trying to cut down its growing water loss but it is hindered by the municipal unions to hire more plumbers to fix leaks. The municipal unions want vacancies for plumbers to be advertised locally and filled internally but the municipality wants to spread the network wider so that it can hire plumbers swiftly.

The city is facing a water crisis but the restrictions towards hiring of new plumbers are depleting the water in the dams. Last week, councilors who comprise the committee for electricity, infrastructure and energy portfolio voiced out their concerns that the metro is losing millions of rands due to leaks because of the stalemate between the municipality and the unions. Since they cannot come up with an agreement over the hiring of new plumbers, the delay is wasting 40% of the metro’s water.

Nelson Mandela Bay has 28 plumbers that service the whole metro but the actual requirement is 54 plumbers. According to Joseph Tsatsire, the water distribution manager, they have advertised internally so that those who have not seen the previous advertisements can apply. He also voiced out his concerns that some of the local plumbers may not be qualified for the position. A bigger issue being faced by the metro is the strong influence from the labor unions.

On the other hand, Mqondisi Nodongwe, Samwu regional chairman said that they are not happy with process of hiring plumbers in the metro. They have a policy wherein grades 3 and 11 positions must be filled internally. If the plumbers grade is 9 it falls between 3 and 11 and is excluded from hiring. If there is a need to determine competency, the plumber can take a competency test. Senior municipal officials are busy negotiating with the unions but meanwhile the municipality has to suffer from water crisis.

Plumbing emergencies usually occur when least expected but T.H.S. is just a call away. Round the clock service is offered to residents of Northampton and surrounding areas from the smallest job of fixing a leaking tap to the more complicated installation and maintenance of the central heating system.

Things To Know Before You Buy HCG Drops

Although HCG drops are proven safe and effective, there are still some things that you need to know before you buy HCG drops. HCG supplements are made of human hormones making it natural, safe to use and harmless. Because it is safe, fewer cases of side effects have been reported.  However, even if the product is considered safe by health experts, some people with certain circumstances are still advised against taking the supplement. Here are samples of these situations.

Before you purchase and take HCG drops, make sure that you are free from the following health conditions. This information is very is important especially if you plan to injectible hormone supplements.

  • Prostate cancer
  • Hormonal cancer
  • Thyroid problem
  • Adrenal gland disorder
  • Allergic reaction to HCG
  • Early puberty syndrome
  • Cyst in the ovaries
  • Migraine
  • Cancer or tumor in the breast, uterus and hypothalamus or in pituitary gland
  • Heart diseases
  • Uterine bleeding
  • Kidney issues
  • Epilepsy
  • Asthma

If you have any of the mentioned medical problems or history of such conditions, consult your doctor you buy HCG drops. Your doctor will advise you to stop taking the supplement or if you need to take other measures to lose your weight other than taking HCG supplements. There are individuals who may still be allowed to take HCG drops but would be advised to take a lower dose.  HCG drops are also not suitable for pregnant and lactating women. Taking HCG during pregnancy is found to cause multiple pregnancies which can be risky to both the mother and the babies.

If you happen to get pregnant while taking HCG, immediately stop taking the hormones as it can be risky to the fetus. Taking hormones during pregnancy may result to still birth and other birth defects on the baby. Inform your doctor that you have taken HCG drops and do not buy HCG drops while pregnant or while breastfeeding. Those who are planning to have a baby in the near future are also advised against taking the supplement.

Advantages Of Illustrated Maps

Illustrated maps are just like any other maps with one particular difference; illustrated maps come with pictures and illustrations of landmarks and figures that would make it easier for the tourist or map user to locate his target location and also for him to easily find his way around in the area. Maps have been used since ancient times. Although illustrations have long been used for centuries now, the illustrations in modern maps are more vivid and picturesque than the versions of centuries ago. Although you can always get a regular map, an illustrated map has more to offer and they are the following:

Illustrated landmarks and institutions

The good thing about illustrated maps is that they come with pictures and images that depict the actual landmark or institution found in the area. For instance, you would know that you are near to a cathedral because you can see it on the map. You will also know if you are near a river, a community, a landmark building or a popular institution because it is stated therein. This way, you can easily determine here exactly you are and how far along or near you are to your location.

More comprehensible

Illustrated maps depict road patterns so you can easily tell your location because the terrain is indicated in the map. Because illustrated maps come with visuals, it is easier for the map user to understand what he is looking at where he is. It eradicates anxiety and fear of being lost and it gives the user the peace of mind that he is close to his destination or potentially populated area. Illustrated maps are easier to understand because of the more information it offers.

Visually engaging

Maps do not have to be drab and boring when they can be visually engaging such as illustrated maps. Choose an illustrated map with vivid illustrations and colors to make it even more appealing. If you need to create a map, choose a professional creator to ensure that the map will be as accurate, as engaging and as informative as possible.

3 Benefits Of A Retirement Village

There are several reasons why people who have already retired from their regular jobs move to a retirement village. A retirement village is just like any other community. The only difference between the two is that a retirement village is a dedicated space for retired individuals. The village is designed to respond to the needs of retired individuals’ social needs and home security, among others. To know more about retirement villages, click here to view blog and other information. If you would like to know the several benefits of living in a retirement area, you can check the following ideas.

Social amenities for healthy living

The good thing about retirement villages is that they are designed and made to suit the needs of the retired people. Retired individuals have nothing much to do but enjoy the fruits of their labor so they need to have spaces that would support a healthy lifestyle and good social interaction with other people. Retirement villages have parks, social halls and beach clubs for those who prefer a retirement home by the beach, open air gyms and fitness centers, swimming pools and many others. You can click here to view blog to know the other amenities found in retirement villages.

Friends to associate with

Since you would live in a community where all of the residents are within your age range, it would not be difficult to forge new friendships and engage in social activities. For all you know, some of your childhood friends and old neighbors are also residing in the retirement village where you stay in. You can also plan out your transfer to a retirement village with friends who may also be looking for a retirement home. This way, you will live closer to your friends and engage in fun activities together.

Independent living 

A retirement village promotes independent living by offering apartments and other residential homes where you can have your space and invite your loved ones to stay for days. There are several blogs that share stories about retirement villages and you can click here to view blog.

Canvaspop Turns Prisma Photos To Wall Art

Prisma, an art photo filter application that launched last summer but got greater than 55 million downloads in just weeks, has led to a wave of other photo processing applications which all promise to convert selfies to art suitable for hanging on walls.

From photos to wall art

CanvasPop, a company that prints personal photos on canvas, spotted this opportunity to make money from this sudden rush of artsy selfies that appeared on Instagram and other platforms – and mentioned that is collaborating with Prisma to assist users in turning their photos to canvases.

It already offers a printing service for Facebook and Instagram photos. However, it is hoping that the trendy art filters of Prisma is going to lead to new orders, with its co-founder Adrian Salamunovic mentioning to TechCrunch last summer that it started getting “hundreds” of orders with painterly effects, that they attributed to Prisma.

He said that they are currently discussing with Prisma regarding an integration of CanvasPop’s API with Prisma’s Android and iOS apps.

CanvasPop allowed TechCrunch to try the Prisma print service.

Test by TechCrunch

According to TechCrunch, CanvasPop offered them a couple of print sizes in order to test its service: 20″ x 20″ or 12″ x 12″.

They chose the bigger sample size to check how the service is going to handle a larger blow-up. It resulted in a quite decent quality, according to TechCrunch.

According to them, the canvas has a sheen to it, which might be great or not for certain people.

The color reproduction looks off with tones being more saturated, they added.

Low-res images to bigger formats

Salamunovic mentioned that smaller print sizes usually lead to cleaner prints.

The biggest print in a fixed size that the website provides for the Prisma prints is at 61cm by 61cm. However, a custom order is possible.

Salamunovic said that they specialize in low resolution image printing to huge formats, and that they have been at it ever since 2009. They were the first to print the Instagram images in bigger formats.


This is definitely a great service to use for those that intend to have Photos on Canvas to hang on walls.