Making The World Safer And More Secure Through The Iran Nuclear Deal

In his four and a half minute speech, President Barack Obama said: “We have before us a historic opportunity to pursue a safer, more secure world for our children. It may not come around again in our lifetime.” The President is referring to the Iran Nuclear Deal.

After extensive talks in Vienna, a 159-page agreement has been finalized between 6 world powers and Iran that closes Iran’s pathway to nuclear weapons; allows for an unprecedented 24/7 monitoring of key nuclear facilities; and provides international inspectors with access to Iran’s nuclear supply chain. Once Iran violates the deal, sanctions will immediately be in place.

However, before the deal can be implemented, it has to pass through Congress and Obama expects a lot of overheated and dishonest arguments in the weeks ahead. Last Saturday, during his weekly address Obama seized on the opportunity to seek support from voters. This is prior to the congressional vote on the deal and against the backdrop of a Republican-led opposition.

The deal is unlikely to be defeated in Congress but it is already expected that many Republicans will attempt to do so. Joe Boehner, the speaker of the House thinks that it is a bad deal and plans to do everything to stop the deal from pushing through. On the other hand, Bob Corker who is the Republican chair of the Senate foreign relations committee said that he will hold hearings so that everyone in Congress will understand what they are voting for.

Bob Corker has told reporters that those who believe that the deal is going to keep Iran from getting a nuclear weapon will vote for it. Those who think that the world will not be a safer place and the deal can pave a way for a nuclear weapon will surely vote against it.

Republican candidates for the presidential elections in 2016 say that the deal will be remembered as America’s worst diplomatic failure; however, Democratic frontrunner Hilary Clinton supports the deal to help prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. Obama does not shy away from criticism and believes in tough, honest and serious debates. He wants the whole world to see a leadership that welcomes scrutiny.

Downer Group Goes For Spotless Shares

For those looking for a carpet cleaner in Perth and wondering if the cleaning services industry has its fair share of competition, yes. It most certainly does.

Recently, Downer EDI launched an effort to takeover Spotless, the Australia integrated services company, with a $1.15/share bid made with cash, totalling to a whopping $1.27B bid. The bid was then flagged by sometime yesterday in the afternoon and by WestBusiness sometime this morning. The bid is an attempt by Downer to control the remaining 80% of stake that it doesn’t have.

Spotless has stated to its shareholders to wait until the board can properly evaluate and decide on the massive offer. According to the company’s chairman, Gary Hounsell, the board would make their decision regarding the offer based on the context of their recently altered strategy, which included a restructure of their contract portfolio, among other things.

Downer made a lot of moves for this brazen offer, which follows Downer’s move to take control of nearly 15% of Spotless stocks, increasing the group’s stake in Spotless to 19.9%, after they made a withdrawal from investment bank, UBS.

The offer price of $1.15/share was made when Spotless’s stocks closed yesterday at 72.5¢. In response to the offer, shares in the company bounced back, rallying an increase after hearing the news. At the close, the company had a stock price of $1.08.

Grant Fenn, Downer’s Chief Executive, states that the acquisition is a big part of the group’s strategy to expand its fields, which already cover resource acquisition, education, corrections, etc., and reinforce its status as a leading service provider to its customers in the Oceania region, particularly in Australia and New Zealand.

According to Mr. Fenn, the offer is a compelling transaction, both from a financial and strategic point of view, seeing as it could, potentially, lead to growth across the company and drive up shareholder values.

As of yesterday’s closing, Spotless is capitalized at approximately $796 million.

Those who enjoy Spotless’s services, not least of which is being one of the leading handlers for carpet cleaner in Perth, may want to keep an eye on the stocks in the days to come.

Accommodation in Tobago – Living In Paradise

The Caribbean Island of Tobago, one of the most visited travel destination in Latin America is known to be rich in flora and fauna as well as in marine life. Tobago is admired because of its wonderful sandy beaches and clear turquoise waters that are perfect for water adventures. This tiny marvellous island has a little bit of everything; from the wonders of its nature to excellent accommodation options and good business opportunities.

Whether a person is a single traveller, with friends, or with a family, accommodation in Tobago has plenty of options to choose from. From the most affordable guesthouses to apartments, and luxurious resorts, one can pick an accommodation that fits his life style and economic capability. Tobago may have small geographical size, it did not thwart locals to create impressive places to stay. From its beach-side boutiques, resorts, guesthouses and private-hire villas, the island serves various Caribbean travellers. Depending on their preference, visitors can choose an accommodation at a more laid-back part of the island which has usually become the common choice of the tourists usually traveling on their own or with a company. With its panoramic view of the Caribbean bay, everyone can enjoy perfectly cooked food and several choices of beverage. For groups of friends and large families, private-hire residences, apartments with more amenities or luxurious hotels can be some of visitor’s outstanding options. From having fully-equipped kitchen and en-suite bathroom, game rooms, and library, dining area with sea views, tourists can definitely have a closer bond with their loved ones.

Accommodation in Tobago, indeed, can be one of the most lucrative business industry that local or foreign investors can look into. Considering the large number of people going in and out the Tobago Island each year and the growth of tourism industry in the area, it is unquestionably a good business opportunity that can absolutely provide hundreds of local job employment. The United States of Trinidad and Tobago is a small country with 1.2 million people and a per capita GDP of P20,000.00. Among the region, this happens to be the highest. With Tobago’s rich natural resources, natural gas and crude oil, the island is known by all as the land of the greatest wealth. From agriculture production to tourism, this Caribbean island offers a favourable place to start small-scale business to large-scale business.

From being a world renowned travel destination to a place of good business investment opportunities, the Island of Tobago is beyond doubt a paradise and home for everyone who seeks relaxation, adventure and economic growth.

4 Major Skills Needed When Working In Sports Bar Patong

Just like in any other jobs, working in a sports bar in Patong requires certain qualifications that will give you a competitive edge among other applicants. After you are hired, you should continue showing your capabilities and positive attitude to maintain your job and even obtain promotion. Here are some of the major skills that you should have to make it in the restaurant industry.

Social and communication skills

One of the important skills of a waitress is social skills. She should be able to interact with customers clearly and effectively in order to make the customer feel comfortable and welcome in the establishment. Friendly waitresses are highly appreciated by patrons and jokes every now and then are surely appreciated. However, do away with frequent checking on their tables as it may become annoying and intrusive.

Computer and handwriting skills

Sports bar in Patong can have numerous customers and patrons at one time so you need to be efficient in taking orders to ensure that you are accurate. Learn how to do shortcuts in taking down orders in your notepad and at the same time, you should be familiar with computers to accurately input entries for order and inventory purposes.


A waitress should be able to present herself in a professional manner to her customers. This means that she should be dressed properly or if the establishment has a prescribed uniform, it should be clean and neat at all times. Avoid wearing excessive jewellery and tattoos should not be visible as much as possible. Keep your hair kempt and facial hair properly controlled for an overall personable appearance. You should also be tactful in dealing with your customers. Avoid inappropriate jokes.


Managers of sports bar in Patong and customers alike want their waitress to be full of energy even under pressure. If you have personal issues, leave them outside the workplace in order to exude a positive and lively disposition. Working in a sports bar can be physically demanding so make sure that you have a strong stamina for you to keep working the entire shift.

Tips To Find Affordable Roller Blinds Prices

You can easily find roller blinds in the market today. With the advent of internet technology, finding a good supplier for products and services is no longer that challenging. However, with all the choices offered to costumers like you, you might have difficulty in choosing the best supplier where you can get products at a reasonable price. If you want to purchase blinds for your windows, the first thing that you should do is canvas for roller blinds prices to get an estimate how much you are going to spend and where you will order the product.

Visit different websites

In order to find the most reasonably priced roller blinds, visit different websites that offer the product. These websites normally indicate the prices of their products so you would have an idea of the average price of roller blinds. Do not immediately order the product no matter how low the price may be because there are other things that you need to consider too. You have to check the quality of the roller blinds and you get this information by reading customer feedback from the website or by checking discussion boards around the web. You can also refer to blog sites to get an idea of not just the roller blind’s price but of its designs.

Compare prices

If you have already checked the different roller blinds prices, it’s time for you to compare these prices to find out where you can get roller blinds at a pocket-friendly price. In your decision-making, consider not just the price but where you can get better service with more customer-friendly deals. Look for warranties that could extend up to 5 years and free delivery offers. This will further lower down your overall expenses on roller blinds.

Ask for cost estimates

Lastly, when you have found affordable roller blinds prices, ask for cost estimates from the supplier. Make sure that you provide accurate measurement so you would be given exact price for the required product. Ask for quotations from different suppliers to help narrow down your choice.

Why Choose A Wedding Hotel In Hua Hin?

Getting married, regardless of what religion you are believing into, is everyone’s dream someday. Yes, it’s scarily expensive nowadays to get married especially with prices of almost everything jacking up every now and then. But then, you don’t really have to break your precious bank account just to marry the one person you are ready to spend the rest of your life with. In fact, you can just complete the requirements, attend a seminar or two, schedule the date, get your rings and then go to the priest and say your vows. That’s it. However, most of the brides-to-be would prefer a fancier kind of wedding. A beach wedding would be the most common type of a fancy wedding and yes, this type of wedding is really, really expensive. A wedding inside a hotel would be an alternative type of wedding in case you cannot afford a beach wedding. Fortunately, you can consider a wedding hotel in Hua Hin when you are living in Thailand. There are many reasons why you must choose a wedding inside a hotel than in a beach resort and one of those reasons is that: you are in control of everything. You won’t worry about soaking your bride and guests in the rain when you’re inside a hotel.

Hua Hin has many beach resorts in its vicinity and all of them are capable of holding your dream beach wedding. But in case you decide to do it in a wedding hotel in Hua Hin, it’s better. The choice of hotel which will going to be the venue of your grand day will depend on the bride’s preferences and the working budget that you have. Oh and don’t forget to consider the wants and needs of your bride’s parents. That’s important. Below are some of the hotels in Hua Hin which are suited perfect to hold your wedding:

  • Amari Hua Hin
  • Hyatt Regency Hua Hin
  • Putahracsa Hua Hin

The hotels listed above are considered by both married couples and wedding planners are the best hotels to say you sacred wedding vows. They are also among the best value-for-money hotels. So if you and your special someone are getting married or planning to renew your vows, it’s recommended that you do in a wedding hotel in Hua Hin especially if you are living in Thailand.

Business Conditions In Australia Have Never Been This Good

Latest business survey by the National Australia Bank (NAB) revealed that business conditions and confidence have soared since January and the domestic economy is strengthening rapidly. There are also positive signs that Australia’s labour market is back on track and the lull in hiring that was evident late last year will not likely be repeated in 2017.

Because of enormous improvements in operating conditions, businesses in Australia are making a stonking comeback. According to Allan Oster, Chief economist of NAB, the rise in trading conditions has contributed greatly to the outcome but profits remain unchanged at solid levels. Employment index has hit the highest levels since 2011 that have been previously muted. The outlook for hiring has improved and sales and profitability remain at elevated levels.

Because of the improvements in employment conditions, everything bodes well for the generally underperforming labour market. In a recent labour survey, strong job creation can be expected after the sharp decline in employment growth during the 2nd half of 2016.

Improvements in the mining sector are not surprising because of the enormous price gains generated from Australia’s key commodity exports in recent months. However, in terms of retail operating conditions, the trend is still “very soft” which suggests that the general attitude towards consumption remains cloudy. According to Oster, most of the strength is confined in New South Wales while other mainland states are showing mixed performances.

At present, Western Australia is the only state that is exhibiting negative business conditions, an indication that improvement in conditions while certainly not unilateral is expanding across the country. With New South Wales’ strength, there can be a partial reflection in the state’s booming housing market with prices increasing strongly in 2016 and early 2017. However, there are still doubts whether the positive developments in recent months can be sustained for the future.

Through Australian international courier services, a business can save 50% from your shipping costs. If discounted parcel accounts are used, a business can minimize on the costs of door-to-door courier services. Make sure though to provide parcel weight and dimensions as accurately as possible to gain a proper courier quote.

Hull Royal Infirmary Closed Down Because Of Mice Problem

A unit inside the Hull Royal Infirmary was forced to close down after complaints have been received from patients who saw mice running inside the ward.

According to the patients, it was around 8 AM when they saw the creatures running around the day surgery unit of the Duchess of Kent.

Bosses from the hospitals said that they have already called a pest control team to handle the intrusion and as a result they have to postpone the operations scheduled for that day.

Julie Saunders was one of the visitors who saw the mice and she recounted that she was waiting for Jack, her son, to come and she was with about six other patients at the time when they saw the pest running around.

She added that his son was supposed to be getting the surgery that same morning and they were just waiting for them to be called in the waiting room as well as the longue area.

His son was the one who saw the mouse first and told her to look. She thought that her son was pulling a joke on her but when she looked, she saw one that is running out. She admitted that she saw about two but there are other patients who claimed that they have seen four.

After which the staff had to close down the entire unit and asked everyone to go home for the day. She admitted that this is the first time she had experienced such thing.

According to the NHS Trust, they are doing their best in order for the unit to be reopened soon.

Mrs. Saunders recounted that they have spotted the mice going around the day surgery unit on the morning of her son’s surgery. Because of the incident, the doctors have to reschedule the hand surgery of her son for another week.

The unit was closed overnight because they have to check of the mice have infiltrated the operating theatre in which case they have to clean everything. She admitted that she did not expect to see mice inside a hospital before.

Homeowners with mice problems should find the best pest control in Brisbane in order to eliminate the pest as soon as possible because of the health risk it poses.