Making The World Safer And More Secure Through The Iran Nuclear Deal

In his four and a half minute speech, President Barack Obama said: “We have before us a historic opportunity to pursue a safer, more secure world for our children. It may not come around again in our lifetime.” The President is referring to the Iran Nuclear Deal.

After extensive talks in Vienna, a 159-page agreement has been finalized between 6 world powers and Iran that closes Iran’s pathway to nuclear weapons; allows for an unprecedented 24/7 monitoring of key nuclear facilities; and provides international inspectors with access to Iran’s nuclear supply chain. Once Iran violates the deal, sanctions will immediately be in place.

However, before the deal can be implemented, it has to pass through Congress and Obama expects a lot of overheated and dishonest arguments in the weeks ahead. Last Saturday, during his weekly address Obama seized on the opportunity to seek support from voters. This is prior to the congressional vote on the deal and against the backdrop of a Republican-led opposition.

The deal is unlikely to be defeated in Congress but it is already expected that many Republicans will attempt to do so. Joe Boehner, the speaker of the House thinks that it is a bad deal and plans to do everything to stop the deal from pushing through. On the other hand, Bob Corker who is the Republican chair of the Senate foreign relations committee said that he will hold hearings so that everyone in Congress will understand what they are voting for.

Bob Corker has told reporters that those who believe that the deal is going to keep Iran from getting a nuclear weapon will vote for it. Those who think that the world will not be a safer place and the deal can pave a way for a nuclear weapon will surely vote against it.

Republican candidates for the presidential elections in 2016 say that the deal will be remembered as America’s worst diplomatic failure; however, Democratic frontrunner Hilary Clinton supports the deal to help prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. Obama does not shy away from criticism and believes in tough, honest and serious debates. He wants the whole world to see a leadership that welcomes scrutiny.


Latest Design Trends For The Season Of Fall

Summer time has already said its goodbye, for now, and autumn air has replaced the surrounding. Homeowners who are looking for higher end properties that are located in the city would be eyeing for apartments that have the most seasonal aesthetics. Interior design as well as architecture trends do not evolve as fast as the fashion industry but there are specific styles and layouts that are gaining the interest of stylish buyers who have knowledge of interior designs.

According to the principal at GLUCK+, Charlie Kaplan, comparing that past and present New Yorkers, there is a big difference when it comes to their knowledge of good design and what positive things it can bring to them. The locals are now looking for spaces that have integrated as well as rich finish, there should be big light in the room and enough room for air to circulate. The floor plans should also be practical in order to create a whole space.

Many are still geared toward open layouts that are located downtown inside sleek new developments. Take for example the latest space that the interior design firm RDAI has intentionally created to be open and airy. The duplex is three bedroom located at 565 Broome Soho with a price tag of $14 million.

According to the artistic and managing director of RDAI, Denis Montel, in order to create spaces such as those, the kitchen should be located inside the living/dining area. They created the kitchen to have a façade that is made of ribbed wood in order to give it a distinct character. As soon as you close the door, there is no sign that a kitchen is behind it and it blends into the interior architecture.

Some homeowners are attracted to elegant sliding doors made of glass which makes it easier to make the space open when entertaining. Buyers are also looking for a house that has the top of the line technology with complete gadgets and appliances but they don’t want these details to disturb the home’s design. Just like the trend in interior design Bangkok, they want sleek fixtures that can be easily hidden away.



Millions Of Trees In The United States Are Perishing

All over the United States of America, millions of trees are starting to perish and there is one culprit to be blamed – climate change.

Millions of trees are starting to die all over the US – trees in Alaska, Hawaii, California and Massachusetts. There are different reasons why there trees are dying but the root cause of all of these will lead back to one big issue nowadays, the climate change.

The Guardian recently published a very detailed article reported by Alan Yuhas and Oliver Milman. The article states that over 50,000 of acres planted with native ohi’a trees that is found in the Big Island of Hawaii have already succumbed to what is commonly referred to as ohi’a death disease. This disease turns the leaves of the evergreen trees into yellow which will eventually turn to brown in just a few short weeks. This has been happening since 2010.

According to the same report, the warming temperature has helped in spreading the four different species of beetles that sticks onto the bark of the ohi’a tree in order to feed. These beetles are the ones carrying the disease through their wings, their guts as well as the sawdust of the burrows which can easily spread it from one tree to another. In another part of the Big Island, the Honaunau National Historical Park decided to close for a while back in July because scientists were searching for clues as to why the coconut and palm trees inside the park are starting to die, together with other plants.

This plague is not just in Hawaii but also in South Miami-Dade county located in Florida. Their avocado trees have withered and the tree trunks have been filled with fungus. The transmitter of the fungal disease called laurel wilt is the redbay ambrosia beetle.

Meanwhile in Harvard Forest as well as the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, there is an insect called hemlock woolly adelgid that is eating the starches stored by the hemlock trees causing them to die.

If you have a tree in your property that you suspect is riddled with any type of disease, contact All trees Perth immediately.


New Insurer Selling To Consumers Directly

FWD Insurance, a recent life and general insurance company, started its business early September. FWD Insurance Singapore is a part of the FWD Group, the insurance side of the investment group Pacific Century Group.


Direct purchase insurance

They are aiming to change the business of insurance through the simplification of the policy buying process. They sell direct to consumers and are starting with products dedicated for Travel and Car Insurance.

In the coming weeks, there are already plans to launch direct purchase insurance starting with the term policies.


Agent-free selling

Their chief executive, Abhishek Bhatia talked to the Strait Times and said that they are not modeling their services over recruiting tied agents which is how most of the industry players are currently doing.

FWD is investing around 500 million dollars in Singapore in the next 5 years.

The firm is selling Travel and Car Insurance directly through online methods. This does not entail an agent who calls consumers back to provide quotes.

They are not making use of lengthy forms. Instead, they have a simple web application wherein consumers will be able to get quotes for a Car Insurance (ประกันภัยรถยนต์) in less than a minute. Consequently, it will take 10 seconds for a travel insurance quote which is currently the quickest in Singapore.


Policies towards motor and travel insurance

They are also launching a term in their motor insurance policies. This term will enable drivers with 50% no claim discounts to have their discount preserved for life even though multiple accidents are experienced within a same year.

Mr Bhatia mentioned that when the payment is processed, a consumer gets an email with information regarding the policy and an SMS reminder for the email. He further added that customer experience is their focus from their product features to online policy buying.

For travel insurance, he acknowledged how firms already do a good job when it comes to the consumer’s buying experience. However, it is a different case for filing claims. This is why they will empower their travel insurance holders the option for filing claims via WhatsApp.

They aim to minimize a consumer’s effort and change their perspective towards insurance.



August Sales Lagging Because Of Limited Properties Available In Summit County

The sales in the real estate sector has been a dead end in comparison to last year and it is not because of lower demands but because there are no properties to be sold.

In previous years, August proved to be a big month when it comes to real estate in the county but this year is different as it remained flat. For this month, the increase in sales compared to last year is only 13 properties more. For the months of July and August, the total sales were only 21 and it has reached more than $1 million for 2016. Last year, the month of August alone has two more sales and it has reached the same price range. This year’s month of August has a slight increase compared to the total sales last year but it is not that high considering that it is only a bit more than $1.1 million.

It is still expected that there will still be demand for housing thus buyers will more likely head to Summit County. According to Dennis Clauer who is a broker working for Real Estate of the Summit Inc., he usually publishes a monthly update regarding the real estate market and it shows that the median sales price in this year’s year-to-date has only increased by 13 per cent compared to the same time in the previous year. This is mainly because of the limited properties available in the inventory. He added that the townhouse and condos listed in the market has also dropped during the month of August by 54 per cent compared to the same period of last year.

The owner of O’Brien & Associates Real Eastate Inc, Eddie O’Brien, said that he is in agreement. He also added that the biggest problem with Summit County’s real estate market is that there is not enough places in which they can sell.

This drives the prices higher which is good news for the seller but it means lower number when it comes to sales in which they could have gotten more if they have more available properties for sale that are either lower to mid-range. This is opposite in Thailand because there are more projects coming along and more Bangkok condo for sale for both local and foreign investors.


How Vacation In A Relaxing Environment Affects Physical Wellbeing

When an individual goes on a meditation retreat, it is usually on a relaxing resort-like environment far from the daily grind. An individual certainly needs a vacation from the stress of daily life, from the pressure of meeting deadlines and dealing with angry customers. According to Dr. Eric Schadt, founding director of Icahn Institute of Genomics And Multiscale Biology at Mt. Sinai, New York, a relaxing vacation will allow the body to get out of its defensive posture and to reduce stress which affects the state of the cells involved in the immune system.

In a new study, researchers measured gene activity, blood markers and reported wellbeing of 102 women with ages between 30 to 60 during a vacation in the relaxing environment of La Costa Retreat and Spa in Carlsbad, California. Some of the women were asked to participate in meditation and yoga retreat while the rest simply enjoyed the resort without undertaking yoga and meditation training.

One third of the women participants had past experience in retreats and regular meditation while the rest had no history in meditating. Half of those with zero experience in meditation were randomly assigned to yoga/meditation programs while the other half were randomly assigned to vacation only. Blood samples were taken before and after the retreat and the women were asked to report any symptoms of depression, stress, vitality and mindfulness on day 5, after 1 month and 10 months later.

Scores for psychological wellbeing improved for all the three groups by day 5 and one month later. Gene expression changes and aging biomarkers from the blood samples also showed significant improvements for all the groups at the completion of the retreat. It was also found out that there were benefits gained from simply being on vacation. Those who were regular meditators exhibited higher telomerase, an enzyme that repairs and fortifies chromosome tips.

Whether your goal is to get in shape or to reach peak physical condition, the best option is Health Retreat Thailand that offers a personalized program to achieve total fitness. From day one, you will experience a noticeable difference and by the end of the fitness overhaul, you will be a totally new person.

A white Caucasian hand holds a marker in hand writing down the various strategies of Online Internet Marketing.

Why It Makes Sense For Small Businesses To Adopt Online Marketing Strategies

In the past years, businesses manifested their presence through traditional methods like word of mouth advertising, billboards, newspaper ads, direct mailing and signage. With the arrival of the internet, big companies found a better way to reach potential customers. They hired professional internet marketing services for the promotion of the business. However, small businesses believed they do not require online marketing like the big businesses do. That is not the case because the internet provides opportunities for small businesses to gain online presence.

Nowadays, almost everybody is online and it has become convenient and easy enough to use their Smartphone or laptop to search for products and services. Consumers can search for information on business hours and pricing, read reviews and look for other options without the need to visit the physical store. Consumers expect businesses to have a website with the right information. Without a website, a potential customer may be in doubt of the business’ legitimacy.

Just because a business is reluctant to take advantage of the internet for marketing opportunities does not mean that the competition has the same belief. It is very likely for the competition to apply digital marketing strategies to attract potential customers and to achieve a first impression from the target audience. All kinds of online marketing strategies are employed to be one step ahead of other businesses.

More and more consumers spend their time online particularly due to the breakthroughs in technology that include high speed internet connections and the introduction of mobile devices that work like a laptop. People have become significantly dependent on the internet which requires a consistent and long term online marketing strategy in order not to miss the opportunities of potential customers finding the business easily.

Putting together and running an online marketing campaign can be daunting but there is assistance available through content marketing in Melbourne. It takes a lot of hard work to create content and make it SEO friendly but there are experts who will take care of the stuff including inbound marketing, social media marketing, lead nurturing and many more. Start acquiring new customers with customized content that will suit their requirements.

Boosting Business With Online Marketing Strategies from Infaweb on Vimeo.

Vietnam And Thailand To Boost Tourism Cooperation

Vietnam And Thailand To Boost Tourism Cooperation

People’s Committee of Thue Thien Hue Province in Vietnam and the Ministry of Tourism and Sports in Thailand held talks recently in efforts for both countries to increase cooperation in matters concerning tourism.

Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, minister of Tourism and Sports in Thailand, presided the talks which had Nguyen Van Cao, chairman of People’s Committee of Thue Thien Hue Province, in attendance. Nguyen headed the delegation to Thailand in celebration of 40 years in diplomatic relations. Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) representatives were also present.

The talk and its agreements

Agreements were formulated during the talks to improve cooperation in tourism as well as to foster cultural understanding in efforts to develop the friendship between Vietnam and Thailand. There was also a motivation for enhancing tourists’ experiences in visiting these two nations through information sharing regarding visitor preferences. TAT offered help in training human resource while building connections with Thai hotels, airlines and travel agents to encourage joint efforts in promoting attractions and destinations in both countries.

Kobkarn expressed how pleased she was that Vietnamese tourism players wanted to foster collaboration with Thailand in order to boost visitor numbers and improve the tourists’ experience. She also said that the improved cooperation benefits travel, trade and investment as well as create stronger bonds for the two nations.

“Two Countries, One Destination” campaign

She further added that the talks were a venue to link Vietnam and Thailand according to the “Two Countries, One Destination” campaign started in 2015. The initiative was started to promote the cross border travel to create links between towns and cities while offering holiday packages for long term tourists who can explore multiple destinations.

Nguyen said he was aiming for cooperation with Thailand so as to link Hue with Thailand’s tourist attractions. From the talks, an example was a link between Hue and Chiang Mai. These two cities could be included in the “Two Countries, One Destination” campaign with same agreements to be started in Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar in the future.

What this means for travels in Vietnam and Thailand

Travel across these two countries may become convenient due to improved sea links and roads or due to increased air travel connections. An increase in a number of tourists due to this link means more inland travels for these two countries too with examples such tourists from Thailand aboard a Hanoi to Sapa train or tourists from Vietnam going to Phuket on buses that results in greater economic income. Enhancing the cross border tourism for these two countries can benefit both Vietnam and Thailand.