Making The World Safer And More Secure Through The Iran Nuclear Deal

In his four and a half minute speech, President Barack Obama said: “We have before us a historic opportunity to pursue a safer, more secure world for our children. It may not come around again in our lifetime.” The President is referring to the Iran Nuclear Deal.

After extensive talks in Vienna, a 159-page agreement has been finalized between 6 world powers and Iran that closes Iran’s pathway to nuclear weapons; allows for an unprecedented 24/7 monitoring of key nuclear facilities; and provides international inspectors with access to Iran’s nuclear supply chain. Once Iran violates the deal, sanctions will immediately be in place.

However, before the deal can be implemented, it has to pass through Congress and Obama expects a lot of overheated and dishonest arguments in the weeks ahead. Last Saturday, during his weekly address Obama seized on the opportunity to seek support from voters. This is prior to the congressional vote on the deal and against the backdrop of a Republican-led opposition.

The deal is unlikely to be defeated in Congress but it is already expected that many Republicans will attempt to do so. Joe Boehner, the speaker of the House thinks that it is a bad deal and plans to do everything to stop the deal from pushing through. On the other hand, Bob Corker who is the Republican chair of the Senate foreign relations committee said that he will hold hearings so that everyone in Congress will understand what they are voting for.

Bob Corker has told reporters that those who believe that the deal is going to keep Iran from getting a nuclear weapon will vote for it. Those who think that the world will not be a safer place and the deal can pave a way for a nuclear weapon will surely vote against it.

Republican candidates for the presidential elections in 2016 say that the deal will be remembered as America’s worst diplomatic failure; however, Democratic frontrunner Hilary Clinton supports the deal to help prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. Obama does not shy away from criticism and believes in tough, honest and serious debates. He wants the whole world to see a leadership that welcomes scrutiny.

Top Features Of Visual Studio To Learn On Training

One of the most in demand courses in the computer programming world nowadays is Visual Studio. This is the reason why there is an increased number of individuals who take Visual Studio training whether to learn the course to start a programming career or to enhance their knowledge on Visual Studio. With the right training on Visual Studio, a student can learn the basics of developing a website, crafting web applications and doing web services. In 2012, Microsoft released several new features to Visual Studios. These developments will also be discussed during Visual Studio training. Some of the new features include the following:

Apps for Windows 8

Among the features of Visual Studio are the tools you would need to develop Windows 8 applications starting from templates, designers and testing down to debugging. There is also an available Visual Studio installation of visual tools that can create Windows store apps utilizing HTML/CSS and XAML. Learning to use these tools will enable you to develop amazing applications that you can send to Windows Store.

HTML5/CSS3 Support

At Visual Studio training, you will learn how to access support for different systems such as HTML5 and CSS3. You will also gain access to ASP.NET MVC4 and Razor support including an improved support and debugging features for JavaScript and Intellisense. Part of the training includes game development support and debugging of multi-threaded XNA games.

Semantic Code Analysis

Going through training for Microsoft’s Visual Studio also allows students to learn how to do Code Analysis including semantic code analysis. Students learn not just to develop syntax but also to understand the logic of the code created. Because of this, students learn how to do refactoring better.

 Improvements in Team Development

There are several features included in the Visual Studio package. However, most of its features centre on Team Foundation Server 2012. This feature allows for code reviews, offline work spaces and enhanced tools.  Along with the improvements are in Agile/Scrum management together with the new TFS Scrum Project template. These and more can be learnt with Visual Studio training.

Predictions For Thai Tourism In 2017

Tourism is the major growth driver of Thailand and it is expected that tourists will continue to visit the country in 2017 in spite of the decline in Chinese arrivals. Private tourism operators remain optimistic that Chinese tourists will return in spite of the crackdown on zero-dollar tours in September.

The Tourism and Sports Ministry predicts that revenue from tourism in 2017 will reach about 2.71 trillion baht, out of which 1.78 trillion baht will be generated from foreign tourists. 2017 expects 35 million foreign tourists in Thailand up from the 32.5 million in 2016.

Growth in Thai tourism will be driven by the country’s economic recovery as a result of stimulus measures and massive infrastructure developments. It is also expected that more tourists from the neighboring countries in Southeast Asia will visit Thailand considering that it is an aviation hub in the region. There are good connections from Thailand to main and secondary cities all over the world. Major airports in Phuket, Don Mueang and U-tapao have expanded. There are also better transport networks for both roads and rail to make tourism more convenient.

Chinese tourists remain to be the major source market for Thailand tourism because they represent at least 30% of international arrivals. In spite of the zero-dollar crackdown, the Tourism Authority of Thailand predicts that arrival of Chinese tourists will grow to 9.8 million compared to the 8.8 million in 2016. 60% of Chinese tourist arrivals are free independent travelers while the remaining 40% join tour groups. 50% of the tour groups are attracted to the zero-dollar Thai tourist packages.

Even if the tour packages are lot more expensive, Chinese tourists do not mind the expense because they want to enjoy Thai food and culture. The impact of the crackdown will be short-lived and the number of Chinese tourists will be back to normal in 2017.

It is very difficult for investors to resist the advantages of investment development in Phuket. The island is one of the favorite destinations of global travelers because of the presence of different entertainment options. Tourists require accommodations which increases the rental revenues of condos, apartments and villas.


Hotels Offering Free Wi-Fi But No More Room Service

There is good news for travelers. Hotels are offering their guests more freebies in the form of free Wi-Fi, free parking and hot breakfast. On the other hand, there is also sad news. Some of the extras that used to form part of hotel staples are disappearing and this includes free use of swimming pools, mini bars and room service.

Based on the results of an online survey of more than 8,000 hotels in the United States, at least 98% provide their guests with free internet access while 9% charge a fee for Wi-Fi. Properties that are more likely to charge a fee for Wi-Fi are luxury and upper scale hotels. This is one of the findings from the survey that was commissioned by American Hotel & Lodging Association, a trade group of the hotel industry.

Katherine Lugar, chief executive of the trade group, the results of the survey will help hoteliers in making decisions on how they can deliver the best possible service to their guests to ensure that they have a good experience. There are many important things that turned up during the survey, which includes:

  • The number of rooms that include HD or flat screen television increased from 84% in 2014 to 88% in 2016
  • More and more hotels are offering free breakfasts; from 45% to 58% for the same 2-year period
  • Non-smoking rooms increased from 62% to 85% for the same 2-year period
  • Hotels offering free parking jumped from 72% to 85% this year

On the negative side, the extras that travelers used to expect from hotels are now being removed like room service. The number of hotels offering room service has gone down from 37% in 2014 to 22% this year. Hotels that offer mini bars have also gone down from 6% in 2014 to 3% this year.

If you are looking for free Wi-Fi at the hotel in Bangkok, your best option in the leisure hotel that offers an experience beyond your expectations. The goal of the boutique hotel is to provide guests with all modern conveniences like flat screen TV, refrigerator, Wi-Fi and a bedroom fully furnished with comfortable furniture.

How To Hire Sydney Furniture Removalists

Hiring Sydney furniture removalists offers numerous benefits for people who are moving to a new location. Apart from the convenience the service provides, it would also eliminate the physical stress required in lifting and moving heavy furniture to the mover’s truck and taking them out again into the new house. By hiring qualified removalists, you can save time and focus on other important things you need to do in relation to your transfer. If you need to hire a group of removalists, hire the right group by checking these ideas.

Make a research

To find the right Sydney furniture removalists you need to make a little research on the topic. Utilize your search engine and you will find a lot of service providers in your area. However to get to the right service providers, read customer reviews from discussion boards and forums on the company that you are seriously considering. You can also ask your neighbours or friends if they know of a good removalist that they can recommend. The point is, ask around and you will get the right answers.

Ask for cost estimates

If you have few candidates, ask for quotations to get an idea how much you are going to spend for the service. Do not look for the cheapest service provider but rather, find out where you can get more value for your money’s worth. Cheap services usually come with a catch. To be sure, find out what you are going to pay for and what are the inclusions of the service. Read the contract thoroughly before you sign up.

Hire trusted removalists

With all the Sydney furniture removalists around, only hire a group that is accredited by the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA). This way, you can be sure that your furniture and personal belongings would be handled by professionals and they are safe from potential damage. Nevertheless, obtain an insurance to make sure that your furniture is covered if ever they get damaged during the transit. You may also want to talk with the previous customers of the removalists for feedback.

How To Choose Sydney Commercial Cleaning Company

The cleanliness of your business area will say so much about your company. Having a well-kept area with fragrant and clean carpets will naturally elicit a positive impression among your customers. Thus, you would want to hire a Sydney commercial cleaning company that delivers excellent and polished service that will contribute to how you deliver services to your own customers.

Inquire about the services offered

The first thing that you would want to know is the services offered by the cleaning company. For all you know, you are barking at the wrong tree. This means that you are looking at a company that does not specialize on your cleaning requirement. To save time, when you visit a cleaning company website, go directly to the services offered and if you are satisfied, check out the remaining important aspects that you would want to know about the company.

Find out about their cleaning methods

You would want to entrust the cleaning of your business area on a Sydney commercial cleaning company that employs environment friendly methods. Check out the cleaning agents that they used. Find out if they use water-based products and those that are not harmful to humans and the environment. When hiring professional cleaners, make sure that their cleaning equipment will not interrupt or disturb your business activities. Find out if their cleaning equipment produces noise and their cleaning solutions emit foul or disturbing smell. If it is unavoidable, schedule the cleaning process on a Sunday or at night so as not to disrupt your business operation in any way.

Look for certifications and license

One of the important things that you should check is the license of the Sydney commercial cleaning company to operate. With a license, you are guaranteed that you can hold the company liable if anything untoward happens during the performance of their job. An insurance is also something that you should look for from the cleaning company. Aside from that, only hire a professional cleaning company that is certified because this means that they passed the duly declared cleaning standards.

Broncos Showcase New Jerseys

The Brisbane Broncos recently made public their $16 million new sponsorship deals while they are preparing for the upcoming 2017 NRL Telstra Premiership season.

New jerseys for the Broncos

Brisbane also partnered with ISC, a home grown Australian organisation, and the apparel company brought with it new Broncos jerseys.

Brisbane showcased their new home, away and heritage jerseys during a public launch.

Prop Josh McGuire, who was one of the first people to see their new jerseys, mentioned that the current designs are suitable for a sporting team from Queensland.

He said that with ISC coming on board this year, there is more variety. He added that he liked the current designs.

He mentioned that these are thinner which is ideal for that warm Brisbane weather.

Nostalgic appeal for the heritage jersey

The ISC deal is the largest deal in the history of ISC, and they marked the occasion using something nostalgic.

The heritage jersey of the Broncos is going to showcase a classic diamond pattern, which was made popular during 1994 by Kevin Walters and Steve Renouf.

Prop Mitch Dodds was only 5 years old when this jersey appeared in a football field. However, he recalled watching his idols running out to Lang Park in the strip.

For him, the diamonds are a great addition.

He remembered watching Alfie Langer wearing the jersey. It also makes him grateful to get to put it on after the legends wore a similar design.

Alex Glenn’s first public appearance

This launch also marked the first public appearance of Alex Glenn after he underwent shoulder surgery.

The surgery got the 28-year-old to think of his health and wellness as a priority. He mentioned that he definitely made the correct decision.

More deals for the Broncos

The Brisbane Broncos returned to their pre-season training last November 17, 2016. They also sported new headwear and footwear.

In a different deal, every Broncos player was provided with Puma footwear and boots. In addition, the US based headwear company ’47 officially partnered with the team, an Australian first in terms of sporting clubs.

Summing up

Soon after, these same designs are going to be available at an NRL merchandise online store.

Abu Dhabi Adopting Colour-Coded Trash Bins For Ensure Waste Segregation From Residents

Huge dumpsters will be replaced by trash bins for segregated waste in order to make sure that the goal of minimizing landfill by 85% is reached in Abu Dhabi.

Colour-codes trash bins

The Abu Dhabi waste management company Tadweer mentioned that it will initiate green bins used for recyclable materials and black tins used for general waste in every residential building found in the city.

It is also going to send out different bin lorries that will pick up the waste. Before, the trash was separated at plant sites.

A spokesman from the centre mentioned that greater than 19,000 trash containers were already replaced with green waste bins.

The recyclable materials and general waste are going to be gathered and transported differently, and there are going to be dedicated collection vehicles for every type of waste, as stated by the spokesman.

The Tadweer spokesman mentioned that there will be collections for the green bins three times per week, while black bins are going to be emptied each day.

Recycling in residential buildings

The residents of the apartment blocks mentioned that they wanted to recycle waste, but the buildings don’t have the corresponding facilities that can cope with the segregated waste.

Resident Uthman Sheikh of Al Zahiyah mentioned that the old buildings only have a single waste bin, and the residents throw everything in it.

He added that the cleaners empty the waste from a single container, even if it is recyclable or not.

He expressed the need for newer buildings to have two different waste bins so that the job becomes easier for all people.

Waste produced in Abu Dhabi

The latest figures from 2013 indicated that Abu Dhabi produced about 12 million tons of waste.

In its 2040 master plan, the centre is planning to lessen waste levels in the next 25 years.

There are many recycling plants operating in Abu Dhabi, including those that deal with plastics, construction waste, animal waste and tyres.

The constructions plants turn waste to 4 separate gravel types.

The recycling plants for animal waste collect dead animals coming from 11,000 farms, processing 5,000 animals each day.

The tyre recycling plants process 120 tons of tyres each day making use of tyre shredders.